Jonas Heitmann

Diabolo, Club Passing, Aerial Rope, Duo Trapeze

Jonas suffers from notorious versatility. In addition to juggling with clubs, balls and diabolos, he loves riding unicycles and hanging on the trapeze or vertical rope. He discovered his interest in circus 20 years ago and gained his first stage experience at the Seniors Café. In 2016, he founded the Chronos ensemble together with Till. In order to devote more time to circus and expand his repertoire of tricks, he attended the Fjordane Folkehøgskule artist program in Norway.

But artistry alone is not enough for Jonas. As a studied engineer, he likes to tinker with new props and effects for acts and shows.

Katharina Heitmann

Contact Juggling, Aerial Hoop, Hat Juggling, Duo Trapeze

At a young age Katharina started training gymnastics, later moving to performing in theatre shows. Looking for new challenges, she discovered circus ten years ago as a way to combine the best of both worlds and create something wonderful.

Katharina discovered aerial artistry for herself and specialised in the disciplines of aerial hoop and trapeze. In addition, she developed her passion for contact ball juggling as well as hat juggling.

Katharina likes to experiment with combining different disciplines like aerial hoop and contact juggling to create completely new, individual and extraordinary tricks and acts.

Till Pertzborn

Club Passing, Diabolo, Keyboard, Special Effects

Till is responsible for everything that smokes and bangs at Chronos. As a studied mechanical engineer, together with Jonas he has already developed various props and special effects and spun out many more ideas. Till found his interest in juggling 15 years ago at the youth circus Abrax Kadabrax. Since 2014, Jonas and Till have been developing and performing juggling acts together and founded the ensemble Chronos in 2016.

In addition, Till is responsible for animations and music editing at Chronos. Occasionally he also accompanies acts playing the keyboard.

Arvid Welge

Club Passing, Hat Juggling, Staff & Poi Spinning

Our newest and youngest member, Arvid, is on fire for anything thrown in the air, including clubs, sticks, and hats. In particular, he is on fire for all props that can be lit. So he likes to perform with burning sticks, torches or poi.

He discovered the circus and the spotlight at an early age. Since the lockdown prevented performances, his enthusiasm to let off steam on stage has only grown.