We add a touch of circus magic to your event.

We are Chronos, an ensemble of young jugglers and artists from Hamburg. We are enthusiastic about modern circus. So much so that we perform throughout Germany and beyond to pass on a part of that circus magic to children and adults.

We will be happy to enrich your event with one of our 15 to 45 minute shows, a single act or even an evening-long variety show.

In order for your guests to get active and trying out the circus arts themselves, our shows can be combined with a workshop or open circus session.

Our program is targeted at both children and adults. It therefore works great for festivals, district parties, weddings and birthdays, as well as other events where young and old come together. We are also happy to add a touch of circus magic to company parties, fairs and corporate events.

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Love In A Suitcase

Two old suitcases, each as special as its respective owner. One stubborn with all sorts of curious items inside: blue diabolos, white clubs, a black hat, a red ball and a technical drawing with an elaborate plan. A project so important its inventor would drop everything and everyone in order to ensure everything goes to plan. Hidden behind the old leather of the other suitcase: A strange collection of all sorts of red-colored objects its owner has spleen for.

But what if the suitcases fall into the wrong hands? Horror and panic. A plan doomed to failure. A wavering of one’s own principles. Fascination and unexpected love. The artists let the contents of the suitcases float over the body, dance on a string and whirl unstoppably through the air. And sometimes the artists themselves go up high.

A show combining diabolo, contact juggling, aerial hoop, hat and club juggling and duo trapeze which captures the imagination of the audience.

Duration: 25 – 40 minutes

Open Circus Sessions & Workshops

Our open circus sessions and workshops work well both on their own and in conjunction with one of our shows. Participants are given the opportunity of trying out the circus arts for themselves. We offer aspiring artists an opportunity to try out various disciplines such as juggling with balls, diabolo, plate spinning, acrobatics or even aerial artistry on the trapeze.

Our offer can be designed as an open circus session or as a fixed workshop. This makes it suitable for team building and corporate events as well as for events with a changing audiences such as district festivals and trade fairs.


Our acts are self-contained performances. They can, however, be adapted and also work perfectly as part of a show.

We are also happy to design an individual act fitting perfectly just for your event. This way the show can be thematically integrated into the evening and aligned with your branding. We perform to a wide variety of music genres as well as live music.

Chronos – That’s us, a colorful bunch of jugglers and circus artists.

Each of us adds his or her own talents and ideas to the mix. This way we create shows as diverse as we are including all kinds of different circus arts.

One thing we all do have common is that our creativity often exceeds what is available on the market. Therefore we develop a lot of our own props and costumes. This way we create unusual acts and shows that (hopefully) make us unique and fit your occasion.

Being deeply connected in the German and international circus scene, we regularly expand our crew to fit our (and your!) projects.


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